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The last days of Leda Grey

Fox, Essie2016
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During the oppressive heat wave of 1976 a young journalist, Ed Peters, finds an Edwardian photograph in a junk shop in the Brighton Lanes. It shows an alluring, dark-haired girl, an actress whose name was Leda Grey. Leda Grey is living still, in a decaying cliff-top house once shared with a man called Charles Beauvois, a director of early silent film. As Beauvois's lover and his muse, Leda often starred in scenes where stage magic and trick photography were used to astonishing effect. But, while playing a cursed Egyptian queen, the fantasies captured on celluloid were echoed in reality when Beauvois suspected a love affair between Leda and her leading man. A horrific accident left Leda abandoned and alone for more than half a century - until Ed Peters finds her and hears the secrets of her past, resulting in a climax more haunting than any to be found in the silent films of Charles Beauvois.
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Fox, Essie, author
London : Orion Books, 2016.
368 pages ; 24 cm
9781409146254 (pbk)
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