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Moved by steam : Beside the tracks and on the trains, 1962-67
Moved by steam : Beside the tracks and on the trains, 1962-67
Inwood, Richard200910UU
The authors first met as schoolboys 50 years ago. Subsequently, as members of their school's Locospotters' Club, the author and their friend attempted to record as much British steam as possible in its last years, from Derbyshire to Dorset, from Oxford to Oxenholme. This book presents a personal record of their travels. Fifty years ago, on 18 August 1959, Burton-upon-Trent schoolboys Richard Inwood and Mike Smith met on a train. Subsequently, as members of the school's Locospotters' Club, they and their enthusiast colleagues, then in their late teens and early twenties, attempted to see, record and ride behind as much British steam traction as possible in its last years of regular service. From their homes in Burton they ranged widely over the BR network, from the Cromford & High Peak to the Somerset & Dorset, from Oxford to Oxenholme, and this book is a personal record of their travels. In it they attempt to convey what it felt like to be an enthusiast in those days when there was still so much to be seen, but when time and money were frustratingly short - supporting the entertaining text are more than 200 previously unpublished photographs, all taken by the authors at the time and thus captioned with a special immediacy that brings the story alive. 'Here is a book with that tingle factor to bring memories flooding back to those old enough to remember the colorful last days of steam' - David St John Thomas.
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Peterborough : Silver Link Publishing Ltd : [distributor] Silver Link Publishing Ltd, 2009.
128 p. : 215b&w, c ; 24x17 cm.
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Richard Inwood graduated from Oxford University in 1968, and subsequently trained for the Church of England ministry, being ordained in 1974. By 1995 he had risen to become Archdeacon of Halifax, an appropriate post since one of his predecessors was the eminent railway photographer Eric Treacy! He has been Bishop of Bedford since 2003. He is married with three daughters. Mike Smith is a graduate of Cambridge University, and after a varied career in local government and teaching he retired in 2000 as Director of Music at King Edward VI College, Stourbridge. He is still busy with piano teaching, composition and writing, and is a member of GORBS (Grumpy Old Railway Buffs of Stourbridge).
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