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Armchair Yoga & Meditation [electronic resource]

Ross, Dr Gillian2018
‘The exercises on this CD are great and the journey down the mountain is amazing and wonderfully relaxing.’ Nanna De VriesThe two half-hour sessions on this CD can be done sitting in chair.The first session is a movement meditation. The combination of gentle exercises with deep breathing and relaxing classical music calms your mind and leads you into a place of meditative stillness. Working on all the major joints of the body, the exercises are beneficial to everyone. They are especially helpful for the relief and prevention of arthritis and a great bonus for office-bound folk needing respite from work stress and computer-related strain.The second session is modelled on a technique used by popular human potential specialist Dr Jean Houston. You are taken into a state of deep relaxation before journeying into ‘the mountain of the self’ where you discover a sacred space of healing and empowerment.Track Listing:SESSION ONE1. Introduction 2. Breathing Practice3. Ankles and Legs4. Arms and Wrists5. Hips and Pelvis6. Spine7. Shoulders8. Neck and Eyes9. MeditationSESSION TWO10. Introduction11. Deep Breathing12. Inner Journey13. Waking Up
[Place of publication not identified] : ABC Audio, 2018
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