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DI Ridpath Crime Thriller [electronic resource]

Lee, M J2022
Where the Truth Lies: DI Thomas Ridpath was once a promising detective in the Manchester CID who captured a notorious serial killer. But ten years later he’s recovering from a serious illness and on the brink of being forced out of the police. Then the murders began, in an uncanny echo of his first case. As the death count grows, old records, and bodies, go missing. Caught in a turf war between the police and the coroner’s office, Ridpath is in a race against time. A race to save his career, his marriage, and innocent lives. When a detective disappears everything is on the line – can Ridpath save his colleague before it is too late?Where the Dead Fall: DI Thomas Ridpath is in the process of getting his life back together when everything goes wrong. Caught in a gruesome motorway incident, one question remains: why did nobody else see what happened? Ridpath’s investigation soon pulls the police force itself into question, and hints at something even more sinister. With Manchester on the brink of violence, Ridpath must battle this unprecedented conflict alongside his own demons…Where the Silence Calls: In Manchester, a block of flats is burning. The only victim is a middle-aged man, sat watching TV. Are the fire and the man's death an accident or is something more frightening at work? Meanwhile, DI Ridpath is back with his wife and enjoying work at the Coroner's Office, but this quiet life is soon shattered by a new threat. More corpses start appearing; charred, burnt, silent bodies, strewn in the streets and lodged in buildings. Next to each one is a chilling message sprayed in orange ink. Fighting on all fronts, Ridpath will be drawn into the dark past of his city and the youth football clubs of the 1990s. He must find the link before any more people die. Before the flames come close to home...
[Place of publication not identified] : Canelo Crime, 2022
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